Here at Fitness 4U we not only focus on fitness, exercise and nutrition but ensuring you have a unique experience unlike anything you’ve had before. We do not prescribe to cookie cutter programs with clip board holding trainers and headset wearing instructors, instead we purposefully engage in each and every client ensuring they are receiving a personalized experience not in just private sessions but group classes as well. We emphasize a consistent practice of exercise, cardiovascular work and sound nutritional principles, which we believe are truly the building blocks for a healthier lifestyle. We do not buy into fad diets or gimmick style exercise programs and products. The foundation for fitness is actually simple in concept yet in today’s slick marketing world and more results less work mindset we easily fall victim to programs that fall short of what we need time and time again.

At Fitness 4U we will never make the comment that changing your life is an easy process or happens in 10min a day. We do not promote miracle diets or losing X number of unrealistic pounds in X number of unrealistic days. Each person is a unique individual and their needs AND results will be equally unique. Boastful claims are designed simply to prey on the desperation of others and we sincerely believe a change and an ultimate goal can be reached in everyone but a large part of this depends not only in us but you as well.

We can help you, motivate you, teach you and provide you with the tools and environment in which to succeed but ultimately that success will be found in our work together.

At Fitness 4U we have created one of Springfield’s most unique fitness experiences. We do not attach ourselves to any specific method or modality but embrace concepts of traditional and new fitness. We focus on distraction free PRIVATE 1on1 Personal Training as well as our most popular experience which is our Small Group Fitness classes. With over 55 classes a week and 8 different class types there is something every day for everybody. All of these classes have many of the benefits of private personal training but in an environment with a trainer and other clients helping one other move in the same direction to ultimate success without being forced to keep up or be held back by anyone else’s abilities. Along with these we have our Youth/Teen Sports conditioning training and classes with a dedicated trainer focused on that Athlete or class the entire time working on the core principles of Sports Specific Conditioning

We encourage everyone to contact us for a tour and free week to see if this ultimately is the best fit for you.

Fitness 4U is Springfield’s premier Private Personal Training and Small Group Fitness Studio.


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