We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing people and to be trusted with their goals and aspirations is a blessing we value a great deal here at Fitness 4U. Here are testimonials of a few about their experiences with us on the journey to a healthier life.



If you would have told me a year ago, that I would be lifting weights and enjoying it, I would have said NO WAY!! I thought working out was all about cardio and I didn't want any part of anything different. Fitness 4U has changed all of that. In just 45 minute sessions, I have made great gains in strength, endurance, and flexibility. It is so nice having a trainer right there to help with proper form, decisions about weight, push you harder, or tell you when to back off. It is a wonderful atmosphere with exceptional trainers. I am very thankful that I took a chance and tried it out with a friend. I will not be giving these workouts up for anything. I love Fitness 4U! -Melanie Lusk- 


When I started working out with Aaron at another gym I was a new mom desperate to lose the baby weight and get fit. With the nutritional and fitness guidance I received, I started to see some results. It took awhile for me to realize in order to achieve my goals I needed to do all 3 things Aaron told me; train consistently, eat healthy, and do cardio. 2 out of 3 wouldn't be enough. When Aaron opened fitness 4 U, I had made significant progress but still had a ways to go. The group classes were a new challenge to me on a strength and cardiovascular level. All the stair running and sprints incorporated helped too, awful as they are! Now I have met my initial goal and am continuing on to meet another! The facilities at Fitness 4 U are the nicest and cleanest around. All of the trainers challenge you in different ways. I am enjoying some of the new additions this year in the abs and flexibility classes. The classes have a strong sense of comradery which I love. I feel 100% better than when I started this process and couldn't be happier I made the choice I did.
Tracy Fairbairn


I have truly enjoyed my Groupon my wife purchased for me in January.
In fact, so much that I signed up Monday for the $99 / month unlimited
group classes. The instructions are very professional and respect each
client and their ability and strength during each class. They have a
very good selection of classes to choose from each day, and a
different workout each day for the muscle confusion strategy. I
appreciate Aaron and his staff and would definitely recommend this to
everyone no matter their range or ability. -Brent Forbes-
I am so thankful for finding Aaron at fitness 4 u. I have been going to individual and group sessions for 4 years and this has changed my life. I am so much stronger mentally and physically to meet daily challenges as well as activities I enjoy! We enjoy our ski trips so much more now that we are in better shape and feel good about exercise. My husband loves his sessions too! This has become part of our weekly schedule to get to our workouts in! Thanks Aaron and all the fantastic trainers. -Daphne Ondr-
My name is Kelley Balun I am a 55year women who has gradually gained 60lbs since entering menopause at 45. On January 1, 2013 I found myself weighing 207Lbs and I was starting to out grow my size 18 jeans. My cholesterol was at an all time high as well as my glucose levels. I thought I was eating healthy and I exercised and went to yoga off and on. In February 2013 I signed up for a fitness challenge, which included classes at Fitness 4 U, Sumits Hot yoga and Achieving your best nutrition. Through this program I met Aaron Bridgers owner of Fitness 4 U. I was skeptical initionally since I had gone to different gyms and trainers as well as trying various weight management programs. I would always lose weight then put the weight back on. I thought I was destined to be over weight because of menopause. Since starting this program I have lost 29Lbs and my cholesterol and glucose levels are within normal limits. I started going to fitness 4 U two time per week and as I got stronger I gradually increased to 5 days per week. I love the classes and the instructors. Because the class size is small this allows the instructor to give me the individual attention I need. The instructors know my strength and weaknesses and have worked with me to meet my health goals. I feel stronger and better then I have in years. I am continuing to lose weight and change the shape and appearance of my body. I could not have done this with out the guidance of Aaron Bridgers and the other trainers at fitness 4 U. This has been a life changing experience for me and I love the journey I am on.
I have been proud to work with Aaron Bridgers and his great staff down at fitness4u. For the past couple of years- I recommend this place to so many people because I know it works, strength training changed my life-I used to worry only about cardio and what the scale read. They have help me attain my goals of being strong versus skinny-The difference between them and many other popular chains right now is that they are very focused on helping clients learn proper form and making sure someone new can graduate intensity, see results but most of all avoid injury that takes them completely out of any future training.
There are popular fads and raves that come through the workout industry. Unfortunately, a few right now are causing more damage than good, I recommend coming to a place with trained professionals who watch your form and teach you how to increase your level of difficulty as you go along so you can maintain a healthy progression and see immediate results.
This is a great place, always clean, friendly, and you will love the changeup of work out each week, it is great for any level from starter to advanced, I would not tell anyone to go anywhere else — because it's the best in town and FUN! -Candy Coburn-


My journey with weight loss and fitness has been an ongoing one over the past several years. As an "over 50" female, I experienced most of the same issues that a lot of other women experience at my age; the overall weight gain, expanding waistline, and lack of flexibility. Simple tasks were not so simple any more. The things I had always done in the past to combat this just weren't working. turned to personal training with Aaron Bridgers and Fitness 4U eight months ago to get my health back on track. I began with one-on-one sessions to build my confidence and to gain stamina. We also worked on cleaning my diet up which really accelerated my weight loss. Before long I joined the Small Group Sessions, and honestly, I have never looked back. The trainers at Fitness 4U are top notch, each and every one of them. They challenge me, motivate me, and make sure I am doing my exercises properly, which is important, because I want results and I don't want an injury. I have LOST 45 pounds, but I have GAINED so much more. I now experience better health and energy, improved flexibility and mental outlook, and have made friends that share my new found passion for fitness. Oh, and I also have a closet of new clothes that I am proud to wear!

Thank you Aaron, Betsy, Alex and Matt.


I have been working out with Aaron for 2 years now and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. I love the fact that the workouts are different every day and also that the trainers customize each workout to every person based on their fitness level.

Jennifer Lankford