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Pricing below: 1on1 Training, Small Group Training, Massage Therapy and  Nutrition sessions.



Rate 1: Monthly Rate Option

1x a week $55 per session   2x a week $45 per session   3x a week $35 per session

DEDUCT $5 PER SESSION with 3 month agreement on Monthly Rate

Rate 2: (Paid in Full Pkg) price is per session 6mo expiration

   60 sessions $30     40 sessions $35     30 sessions $40     20 sessions $45        10 sessions $50       1 session $55

Rate 3: Shared Trainer (private session sharing a trainer 1-4 participants) 45min

       $25 1-2x wk per person/per session         $20 3x wk per person/per session

DEDUCT $5 PER SESSION with 3 month agreement on Shared Rate      



SMALL GROUP TRAINING (Auto renews monthly)

UNLIMITED sessions a mo. $125      4x wk – 17 sessions a mo $100  

 3x wk – 13 sessions a mo  $85       2x wk – 9 sessions a mo $75     1x wk – 5 sessions a mo $50   

  Ala Carte Group sessions have 90 day expiration date w/ no auto renew

 30 for $210     20 for $160     10 for $90


To purchase any Group Package or Ala Carte sessions click link below and select the Purchase tab in the top right corner.


From scheduling screen in top right corner go to: Payments/Purchases > Monthly Packages   (ala carte are next to it under the Private Training ala cart tab)

Here under the Schedule/Calendar tab



Private Massage Therapy & Myofascial Stretching/Flexibility sessions

Contact for pricing, promos and introuduction specials  Cell/Text 417-840-5814    Email


Conducted by Aaron Bridgers

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Group Fitness Instructor since 1997

Week 1: Macro Nutrients & Micronutrients, Healthy weight ranges, Calories in vs calories out, BMR, Understanding the Metabolism, Diet tracking apps

Week 2: Diet planning & Meal Prep, Rules for your major meals, Weight loss vs weight gain diets, Catabolism/skipping meals, Snacking, Fad dieting

Week 3: Grocery shopping, Nutritional fact labels, Hidden Sugars/Salt, Healthier ingredients,       Make your own meals, Fresh vs Frozen

Week 4: Dining out, Cheat meals, Eating on the go, Vacations/Travel,

Week 5: Unhealthy eating triggers, Emotional eating, Stuffed vs satisfied,

Healthy cooking substitutions, Eating in connection with exercise, Understanding supplements

Private 1on1 course: $250 or $50 per session

Couples: $375 or $75 per session

Small Groups:

3 -4 Participants $175 total per participant

5+ Participants $100 total per participant

Large Groups:

10-14 $75 total per participant

15+ $1000 covers all participants

All new participants receive a free Unlimited Month of Small Group Personal Training

Contact Aaron today to get started: Text: 417-840-5814    Email:































































1 Participant (See Private 1on1 pricing above)

Youth/Teen $20 per person/session ($80mo)

3-4 Youth/Teen $15 per person/session ($60mo)

(Maximum capacity 4)