At Fitness 4U, we’re not your average gym. Our trainers are committed to helping you improve your fitness routine though unique personal training, sports conditioning and small group fitness classes.


Fitness 4U's dedicated team of Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Group Fitness Instructors and Nutritionists.





Aaron Bridgers- Owner/Operator

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Group Fitness Instructor
NCSA Strength & Cond. Coach
IBNFC Certified Nutritionist
AFPS Sports Nutrition Coach
ASFA Certified Stretch/Flexibility Instructor

Exercise, fitness, health, wellness or however you choose to refer to it wasn’t something that I was raised with or really grew up understanding. Athletics and more so my time in the U.S. Navy is when I began to understand if you exercise and eat in a certain fashion the body begins to respond. While being drawn to this concept very quickly it isn’t something that wasn’t without pitfalls and is certainly something that has continually grown with me over the past 20 years. It is in fact something that not only grows but helps, inspires, teaches, and motivates me daily in both my personal and professional life.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist I have found both exercise and nutrition to be the true model for success. Sound nutritional principles with the consistent practice of exercise and cardiovascular work are truly the building blocks for a healthier lifestyle. I have never been a fan of fad diets or gimmick style exercise programs and products. The foundation for fitness is actually simple in concept yet in today’s slick marketing world and more results less work mindset we easily fall victim to programs that fall short of what we need time and time again. I will never make the comment that changing your life is an easy process or happens in 10min a day. I don’t promote miracle diets or losing X number of pounds in X number of days. Each person is a unique individual and their needs AND results will be equally unique. Boastful claims are designed simply to prey on the desperation of others. I sincerely believe a change and an ultimate goal can be reached in everyone but a large part of this depends not only in me but you as well. I can help you, motivate you, teach you and provide you with the tools and environment in which to succeed but ultimately that success will be found in our work together and not unrealistic boastful claims.

At Fitness 4U we have created one of Springfield’s most unique fitness experiences. We do not attach ourselves to any specific method or modality but embrace concepts of traditional and new age fitness. We focus on distraction free PRIVATE 1 on 1 Personal Training as well as our most popular experience which is our Small Group Fitness. This has many of the benefits of private personal training but in an environment with a trainer and other clients helping one other move in the same direction to ultimate success without being forced to keep up or be held back by anyone else’s abilities. Along with these we have our Youth/Teen Sports conditioning training and classes with a dedicated trainer focused on that Athlete or class the entire time working on the core principles of Sports Specific Conditioning

We encourage everyone to contact us for a tour and free week to see if this ultimately is the best fit for you.



Matt Jones Certified Personal Trainer/ Group Trainer

I credit many things to why I want to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons why I am at this point in my life today. In summary of these many things, I have mostly wanted to push myself. By no means was I ever the best at sports growing up (specifically hockey and soccer) but my work ethic and effort equalized what others had in size and talent. Every day I push to embrace the challenges around me. Today I have branched out into strength and endurance races from a marathon, various triathlons, to in the near future an Ironman 70.3. These races allow me to know who I am, and what my next level mentally and physically will be. I'm very certain fitness will be a part of my daily life, now, and as long as I am capable in the future.


I feel that the challenges I strive for are directly correlated with my views of fitness and strength. I believe fitness to be holistic. My lifestyle outside of fitness is much less complicated when I push my body the way I do. I want strength, adversity, endurance, discipline and focus to be a part of my daily life. Fitness offers this to me in ways that other areas of work and expertise don't. I thrive off of other people pushing themselves and wanting more. In a primitive way we are meant to be strong mentally and physically. I enjoy helping people tap into that innate piece of who we are. I believe fitness is therapeutic in many ways, and that the challenge I feel, others feel. Fitness is a lifestyle. I would like to make exercise enjoyable for anyone willing. I'm very thankful for this opportunity and I believe Fitness 4U has something to offer to everyone.



Betsy Brown CPT/Group Trainer, CSN, BS Sports Medicine/Athletic Training

Growing up I always loved swimming and diving and eventually began coaching them. I first discovered the weight room in high school and fell in love immediately. I felt like for the first time I found something that I truly had passion for and my only competition was myself. In college I got a BS from MSU in Sports Medicine and Athletic training and worked as a personal trainer over the summer. Due to my connection with training I later also became a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

The thing I love most about training is seeing my clients improve themselves physically but also becoming happier healthier people. Once they get started and develop their own passion for improving themselves it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Fitness 4U stands out in the crowd to me because unlike most gyms here at F4U the sole emphasis is on the client and helping them attain their goals and not about the amount of memberships they can sell. 

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Jimmie Strong CPT/Group Trainer, NASM Certified Trainer

Before graduating with a bachelor's degree in recreational therapy from Missouri State University, I helped carry Texas High to All-state, amongst many other accomplishments that simply came from refusing to give up when "the going got tough".

After four great years as the starting corner back for the Missouri S



Jake Schneider CPT/Group Trainer, Certified Exercise Physiologist, FMS Certified

I’ve been playing sports my whole life and just love the feeling after a big match or a hard workout! That is what made me want to focus on athletics and really pushing myself to a higher and higher level of fitness so I could “be the best”. Finally in college I ended up injuring myself a few times which really ended up pushing some of my focus to rehabilitation and preventative medicine. Though I still enjoy the sports performance side of training.

  I graduated college with a bachelor’s in Exercise and Movement Science. I am a certified Exercise Physiologist and credentialed as an Exercise is Medicine Professional. I approach all of my training with a purpose. Exercise is always done for a reason and I really like to work towards specific goals whether it’s training for a sport, or strengthening after an injury or just to try and better your health by lowering your heart rate or blood pressure.   



Meaghan Haskell CPT/Group Trainer, Associates Degree in Exercise Science, BA Complimentary & Alternative Health, Specialist in Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Exercise Therapy 

Growing up, I never thought of myself as being active. I took Irish dance lessons, but that was about all I did for physical activity. It wasn’t until senior year of high school that I joined the cross country team. I began to learn about physical fitness and just the basics of nutrition. After high school, I joined the United States Coast Guard. Over the next five years, I continued to learn about weight training and ended up completing a half-marathon and a sprint triathlon in 2010. 

After having my second child, I really switched gears and worried less about cardio and focused more on weights. I saw a huge difference in my body and my self-esteem and confidence grew. While being stationed in the Outer Banks, I was given the opportunity to teach group fitness classes. I created my own classes and this is where I knew personal training was for me. I completed the Master Trainer Course through International Sport Sciences Association and will be completing a degree in Exercise Science. 

As a personal trainer, it is my obligation to help clients reach his or her goals. I want to show my clients that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be tedious. Each session is different and is catered to the goals of my clients. I will push clients because I know they have the potential to grow and change into a happier and healthier individual. My hope is to help my clients see the importance of fitness and nutrition and adopt a healthier lifestyle that they will keep forever. So whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or condition during off-season, I will be here to help you every step of the way. 


Certified Personal Trainer; Specialist in Strength & Conditioning, Fitness Nutrition, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness and Exercise Therapy